5 facial signs of nutrient deficiency

Our bodies can’t stop amazing us. There are so many things we still do not know about them, right? Yet, there is one thing we know for sure – when there is something wrong with our body it will tell us.

The truth is that our bodies do tell us when something is wrong but we are not always able to pay attention to the sign and try to solve it. These days, vitamin deficiency is the real deal which actually leads to the most severe outcome ever – death, in some cases. That is why today we decided to talk about the signs out body gives us when it lacks some vitamin. In fact, when there is one piece missing the whole body suffers, you should keep that in mind.

#1 Puffy eyes

It is only natural to face that issue if your sleep pattern leaves much to be desired. But if you are sure that you are definitely getting enough of sleep, puffy eyes may mean that your iodine levels are reduced.

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#2 Pale Lips

If your lips look bloodless it is a sure sign that your body lacks iron. You can either feed on some spinach or take iron supplements.

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#3 Pale skin

Some people are born with pale skin but if you suddenly look too pale to yourself it should ring an alarm in your head since it means that vitamin B12 is missing. You should start taking supplement immediately.

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#4 Bleeding gums

In case you started having nose bleeds and your gums are bleeding as well that may mean that your body lacks vitamin C. Therefore, you should consume lots of foods rich in it.

#5 Dry hair

Of course, not all of us are born with gorgeous mane, but in case you notice that your hair becomes drier than ever and there is some dandruff sign you should look for Vitamin B7. Where can you find it? These would be green peas, mushrooms, legumes, nuts, and sunflower seeds.


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