7 Banned Ingredients Around the World You Should Never Eat Again

All kind of foods you can find in the grocery stores, both good and bad, healthy and unhealthy, or even illegal. We like to trust manufacturers’ ingredients and labels, but some of this foods have been banned in many countries because of their ingredients.

These 7 foods and ingredients are banned around the world:

1# Antibiotics in chicken meat 

FDA implemented a new policy for the use of antibiotics in pigs, poultry and cattle in December/2013. This came as a result of antibiotic resistance and damaged human health.

U.S. moved to ban the use of antibiotics. That result with a more than 2,000,000+ Americans get infections  because of the resistance to antibiotics and 23.000 whom actually die.

2# Artificial Dyes 

There are 7 artificial dyes produced each year, proven to contain about 15 millions pounds of petroleum based dyes.

  • Citrus Red 2 in animal studies caused bladder tumors.
  • Red 3 was banned for topical use in United States, but never prohibited to be used in manufacturers dye in foods and drinks
  • Blue 1 and 2 found in cereals, sodas, candies and pets food have been proven to cause brain cancer.
  • Red 40 found in ice cream, fruits cocktails contains p-Cresidine destroy the immune system.
  • Researchers found that Yellow 5 can mutate the healthy DNA
  • Yellow 6 is banned for cancer causing compounds

3# GMO Foods

GMO foods are banned in half Europe for plenty of reasons: toxicity, allergenicity, decreased nutritional value.

4# Farmed Salmon

Lately salmon-farming industry has grown rapidly. Farmed fish are fed with terrible diet (potentially GMO), antibiotics and other danger chemicals.

5# Sports Drinks

Something named BVO (brominated vegetable oil) found inside sports drinks makes it very undesirable. It’s a food additive used to stop the artificial dyes from separating from the liquid. Researchers suggest that Bromine levels can lead to brain, heart and thyroid problems.

6# Fat Substitutes 

You can see this cholesterol-free, no-calorie fat substitute (named Olestra, or its brand name Olean) in many American grocery stores. Olestra is linked to gastrointestinal diseases in children and diarrhea in adults.

7# Hormone Filled Diary 

Milk can cause a lot of health problems unless it carries the label “NO rBGH. Every other milk in the United States is genetically modified.

source: theheartysoul

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