As we get to be older then we will notice some problems on our bodies. Our muscles become
stiff and our metabolism will be slower. To note, on average each decade, we will burn calories
2% less, that's the reason why the aging usually accompanied by weight gain. According to
Brian Durbin, a personal trainer and NSCA-certified strength and conditioning specialist, we can
lose weight only if we know the obstacles.

Exercise oversight over your hormones

Age will be followed by changes in hormone balance towards the worse. If you do not check the
thyroid, adrenal, and several other important glands regularly then you will tend to see the
accumulation of fat in your body. You should be alert to the imbalance of testosterone because
it affects the balance of your blood sugar and blood sugar content affects the extra belly fat.

weight loss

weight loss

Pick up the weight

You should be aware that muscle mass is more active than fat because it requires more energy.
People aged 50 and above tend to lose muscle mass and by training regularly then everyone
can expand their muscle mass.

Do not go too easy

You should not easily give up if you are having difficulties in your efforts to lose weight.

Exercises that strengthen joints

Pain tends to be more often experienced by older people and for them, water exercises
(Aquafit), running, and jumping in the pool are highly recommended.

Change your diet

It is recommended to reduce the fat and sugar while increasing the intake of nutrients and lean

Consultation with physical therapist

It is recommended to reduce chronic joint pain.

Avoid stress as much as possible

Stress tends to increase with age and unfortunately it can also encourage people to overeat.

Therefore stress must be controlled otherwise you'll find yourself getting fat.


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