8 Characteristics of Hypersensitive People

Hypersensitivity affects around 20% of the population. This tendency reflects on all aspects of life, from work to friendships or your love life. But despite popular belief, it isn’t a weakness or a vulnerability — it’s actually a capacity for emotion that often indicates a very creative mind. So, are you hypersensitive? Here are eight typical behavioral traits that will help you to find out…

1. You often feel different

Have you often wondered if you’re “normal,” especially when you spend a lot of time in group situations such as at school or in an office? People who are hypersensitive often question whether they’re different than other people and sometimes even worry that they might have a mental disorder.

2. You prefer individual sports

Do you tend to avoid sports where each player is constantly being observed and evaluated? Hypersensitive people prefer to be alone and often favor outdoors sports like walking or running, which allow the mind to wander freely and don’t require any social interaction.

3. You have a real eye for detail

Do you tend to see things that others don’t? Hypersensitive people tend to notice and remember things that other people don’t pay much attention to, such as how people are dressed, how the furniture is arranged, or slight changes in the weather.

4. You are more attentive to others

Conscientious, hypersensitive people have a great memory and they really love to please people. They’re devoted, attentive, very polite, and they care for others.

5. You cry easily

Hypersensitive people tend to tear up in situations that wouldn’t affect most other people. Things like a sudden surge of emotion, a triggered memory or a simple gesture can start the waterworks. Hypersensitive people are very emotive and they should never be ashamed of it. Being in touch with your emotions should be considered a strength.

6. You often feel anxious

Hypersensitive people feel emotions much more strongly than others, and that includes anxiety. When it’s too much and becomes hard to handle, someone who is hypersensitive escapes from this emotion by seeking solitude, sleep or intoxication.

7. You seem shy and reserved

How others view you is important to you, so it can take longer to open up when you meet new people. Hypersensitive people have a strong capacity for feelings which can lead them to hide in their own shell. This can often lead to the misconception that they are shy or even “stuck-up.”

8. You are easily offended

Even if you hide it, you don’t take criticism well because you’re too afraid to disappoint or displease to accept it without taking offense. This can lead to hurt feelings, but taking a quick time-out to “digest” the criticism can often help.

And? Did you recognize any of these traits in yourself or someone close to you? Now that you know that it’s simply hypersensitivity, you should be able to deal with it better. Mood swings? Sudden tears? Shyness? You can appreciate all of this for what it is, either in yourself or in someone else.


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