A Boy (7) Trapped in the Body of an Old Man: His Eyes Are Always Filled with Tears an He Has Only One Wish! (Video)

Mohamed’s story is not just a story about a boy trapped in the body of an old man, but a story of immigrants.

Seven year old Mohamed was born in Syria with severe genetic disease because of which he looks like an aged man.

– I want to be beautiful like the other kids and to go to school – said Mohamed tearfully and added that the other children won’t leave him alone. After the story about him became so popular, the first Muslim astronaut from Britain Hussein Manaver announced that he wants to help the young Mohammed in every way.

– As soon as I saw him I wanted to be close to him, to be his friend in some way. I wanted to tell him how special he is – said Hussein.

Mohamed’s story is not just a story about a boy trapped in the body of an old man but the story of immigrants. His family fled from Syria to Turkey, they don’t have passports and therefore he can’t be treated or at least discover the disease that causes this condition. They kicked them out of the apartment because they had no money for rent. We barely helped them – he says.

Hussein with the help of non-governmental organizations launched a campaign to raise funds for Mohammed and his large family. They found them a new home, but there is, as they say, even more things to fight about.

Check out the video below:


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