A daughter photographed her father sitting in front of a closed door for hours. When you find out what was behind it, you’ll get a lump in your throat

“For better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health.”

We’ve all heard those cliché vows a MILLION times. They might sound all syrupy sweet when you’re dressed in white, in perfect health and proclaiming your ‘forever’ love for your spouse at your fairy tale wedding.

But what about when life gets ugly?

When dementia sets in, when arthritis plagues your joints, when alopecia steals your beautiful curly locks…or when cancer strikes.

Those are the moments when marriage is truly put to the test. That’s when Paul’s command in Ephesians to “love your wives, just as Christ loved the church” becomes real and raw.

In a society with an ever-increasing divorce rate and ever-declining value on marriage, it’s a mantra we hear proclaimed by many, but lived out by few.

Jon Newman is one of those few.

When his wife was diagnosed with thyroid cancer last October, this vow became more important than ever. After receiving radiation therapy, Marci’s immune system was so weakened that she had to be kept in complete isolation. But this didn’t stop Jon from staying as close to her side as possible:

Their 17-year-old daughter Mackenna captured the moment and posted a photo on Twitter.

“Jon goes to every doctor’s appointment, every blood test, every surgery, every radiation. And, as you can see, if he can’t be by my side he is as close as he can get!” explained Marci. It’s this endless love from her husband and the rest of her family that gives Marci the strength to continue her battle against cancer.


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