After the father chopped off her feet, the doctor made an unexpected decision.

Rasa Prasceviciute-sept entered this world in 1980, the daughter of a Lithuanian farming family. As a little girl, she loved to play hide-and-go-seek with her twin sister Auschra in the large field on the farm. But one morning in 1983, there was a horrible accident.

That day, her father Vytautas wanted to mow the field. While he prepared the combine harvester, both his daughters slipped unnoticed into the tall grass. He had only gone a short distance with the machine when he suddenly heard terrible screams.

The shocked father would never forget the sight that awaited him: Rasa’s little body was covered in blood, her small feet completely severed from her legs. He immediately took her to the nearby village hospital but the doctors didn’t give him much hope.

Because she had lost so much blood, Rasa was in danger of dying from shock. Furthermore, in 1983, the possibility of successfully reattaching her feet was considered to be virtually impossible — particularly in a small Soviet village. But the doctors didn’t want to give up. They contacted their colleagues in Moscow and persuaded them to give the little girl a chance. On the same day, Rasa was flown to the Russian capital.

By the time she arrived at the hospital in Moscow, Rasa’s condition had already noticeably deteriorated. When the experts saw her severed feet, they gave up all hope. As there were no suitable transport containers in the country, the limbs had been kept cool in a box packed with frozen fish. On top of this, more than 14 hours had passed since the accident. Only one young, ambitious surgeon was up for the challenge: Dr. Ramasi Datiashvili.

The operation was hindered by the fact that none of his colleagues wanted to help him — they felt it was a waste of time. None of them believed it would be a success, but after nine exhausting hours, Dr. Datiashvili had actually re-established the blood flow in Rasa’s feet. Now the long recovery process could begin.

The outcome of the operation amazed doctors around the world. It was one of the first successful reattachment surgeries in history! First, Rasa regained the feeling in her feet then even learned to walk normally again. Dr. Datiashvili oversaw the process from beginning to end and became a close friend of the family along the way.

When people see the young woman today, they can scarcely imagine the difficult times that lie behind her. Even her future husband, who she met, ironically, at a dance party, was surprised when he saw the scars for the first time.

This heart-rending story proves that almost nothing is impossible — as long as you don’t give up and don’t lose hope. People like Dr. Datiashvili save lives everyday no matter how much work it takes and are a shining example for all of us!

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