Americans! YES, there is natural juice to STOP asthma

Nowadays, asthma is a very usual disorder in the USA and what’s even worse most of the people do not believe that there is a natural remedy for this illness. Even though the puffer gives an immediate relief each time when an attack happens, people always wonder if there are natural cures to stop those attacks without filling your body with dangerous chemicals.

Asthma is a chronic lung disease, which causes confine to the airways, and because of this the breathing is affected and additional mucus secretion is stimulated. Asthma lowers the immune system and is far more usual in children, however it can affect every individual.

Ø Asthmatic Americans

If you are an asthmatic, then your day probably starts with coughing, wheezing and chest-tightness. These symptoms usually go along with shortness of breath, which may turn into a total airway constriction. And finally your day most probably ends with a mucous cough.

Asthma really has an impact on everyday activities and as an asthmatic you are limited in doing many things because you just cannot guess when an attack will happen. In spring and summer allergens worsen your condition and provoke attacks and inflammation of the airways, so running or walking in these seasons is not allowed for you.

Ø A glass of lemon water…

Vitamin C is known as a very strong antioxidant. Lemon juice clears airways and increases the immune system because of its high vitamin C amount. So, for this reason, you should have a glass of lemon water in the morning, especially if you are an asthmatic. Asthma attacks are not very common in a healthy body, so strong immune system is of vital importance for asthmatics. Stress also provokes asthma, and stressed immunity provokes asthma attacks more usually.

Lemon juice is abundant in compounds that prevent bacterial growth and infections. Vitamin C causes an incredible increase in the immune system.

You should add some ginger to boost the power of your lemon water. Ginger possesses powerful anti-inflammatory effect and is great when it comes to constricted airways.

However, before trying any natural cure you should always consult your doctor.

v Anti-asthma drink


ginger (optional)

Take the lemons, slice them and add them into a large bowel of water. Optionally you may add some ginger in order to relieve any inflammatory issues.asthma juice

Optional ingredients:

·        pineapple
·        cucumber
·        cayenne
·        turmeric

As optional ingredients you can add pineapple, cucumber, turmeric or even cayenne to your lemon water.  In order to intensify the flavor and to boost your energy, you can also add a little bit of natural maple syrup.

To prevent asthma attacks before they affect your health, you should just apply this healthy habit into your daily life. Every morning from now on, add lemons into your water and you will breathe easier and feel so much better.

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