Boy needs 30 stitches when a fidget spinner explodes in his face

Fidget spinners are the latest craze among children and young teenagers. A device originally intended for helping children with concentration problems has now become this summer’s ‘must-have’ plaything and every teacher’s worst nightmare.

John Harris from Flowood, Mississippi, was just as captivated by his son’s new fidget spinner as the young boy was. During playtime, they both tried to think up new ways they could use the device. On the internet, they found videos of people using compressed air to get the toy to spin faster than humanly possible.

As his son watched on, John blew the fidget spinner with an air jet so that it would revolve faster. But disaster was to strike when the plastic part on the toy suddenly exploded, sending small pieces flying through the air which hit the young boy square in the face.

The injuries required John’s son to have 30 stitches — 27 above his lip and three inside his mouth.

“We’re lucky it missed his eyes. It could have been much worse,” wrote John on Facebook.

John posted the dramatic photos and description of the event to highlight the dangers of playing with fidget spinners. This incident has also shown that certain boundaries shouldn’t be crossed when using the toy. If you don’t take due care, you could be putting yourself and others in real danger, as this mother recently found out all too painfully.

source: hefty Tribunist

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