Boy rescues 5-year-old girl who was buried alive!

It was just an average afternoon at Marina Dunes beach in California. Eleven-year-old Conner Fitz-Gerald was playing with his friends in the dunes, running around, jumping into the huge piles of sand, and building sandcastles.

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At one point Conner did what most kids do when they have the chance: he began to dig around in the loose sand with his hands. But he was startled when he came in contact with something that felt like a human body! Conner’s heart started to pound and he desperately dug deeper. And what he found came as a huge surprise: it was a small girl buried alive! Her mouth was full of sand and she wasn’t breathing. With no adults around to help him, Conner made a quick and fateful decision.

Youtube/ KSBW Action News 8

He had only seen CPR performed on television and had no training, but he didn’t waste a second. After freeing the young girl from the sand, Conner began to resuscitate her using the first-aid techniques he had seen on TV shows.

Youtube/ KSBW Action News 8

The girl finally began to breathe. Conner cried out for help and soon an ambulance was on the scene to take the little girl to the hospital. Her name is Alyssa Bostic and she is only five years old. How long had she been buried alive? Could she really survive such an ordeal?

At the hospital Alyssa was able to make a full recovery. But the doctors at the emergency room know one thing for certain: if Conner had not reacted when he did, little Alyssa would not be alive today. Now that things have settled down, she is able to remember exactly how the accident happened.

Youtube/ KSBW Action News 8

She had been playing in the dunes and had dug a cave. But when she crawled into it, the heavy sand collapsed on top of her and she was trapped. Conner’s father is especially proud of his son and his quick reaction that saved the life of a little girl. Who knows what would have happened if Conner hadn’t been there that day.

Youtube/ KSBW Action News 8

You can watch the whole story of Alyssa’s rescue in this video:

This story shows just how important it is for children to learn the basics of first-aid and CPR. Because as Conner proved, with a bit of knowledge and the right instincts, kids can save lives just as well as grown-ups!

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