Breast Cancer Survivor Shared A Photo Of Lemons That Could Save A Woman’s Life!

Many women were messaged this week to secretly post a heart on their Facebook wall in honor of breast cancer awareness. I’m of the firm belief that any cancer awareness is good, but Erin Smith Chieze, a breast cancer survivor wondered what this action was doing to actually help spread awareness or information, and took to Facebook to share her own message.

She posted this photo, originally posted by Worldwide Breast Cancer on Facebook.

Her post has been shared almost 40,000 times, although some people took exception to her saying that the “hearts” weren’t doing any good to raise awareness.

There’s nothing wrong with sharing “hearts” in solidarity, and you can definitely do both. But sharing real information in the form of an image that tells you what to look for is a great way to make more people aware of the signs that they need to look out for.

So if you or anyone you know could benefit from this photo, share it with them.

It could save a life.


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