Cinnamon Pineapple Smoothie to Strengthen Knee Ligaments And Tendons


The knee is the joint that controls most of human movement and it promotes the ideal posture.

We need the knees for walking, running, jumping, even standing. Along with age, our knees will be weaker, especially if we have a variety of injuries and wounds all of which loosen the knees. Various injuries can be debilitating knee with reducing lubrication and decreasing the flexibility of ligaments and tendons.


Although the weakening process is a natural process, we should seek some ways to provide greater flexibility of our knees, so that we would not experience a decrease in the quality of movement. In this article, we will offer a natural method proved effective for increasing the strength of ligaments and tendons, and thus make sure you still can work normally.

It contains a variety of materials with strong anti-inflammatory properties so as to minimize the pain. It has a high amount of silicon, vitamins, magnesium, and bromelain. Various nutrients will increase the energy of the body that will ultimately strengthen the knee.



1 cup of water (250 ml)

2 cups of pineapple chunks

0.25 Oz (7 g) of cinnamon

1 cup of organic orange juice

1 cup of instant oatmeal

1.5 Oz of raw honey

1.5 Oz of crushed almonds

How to prepare:

Cook the oatmeal and make juice of pineapple chunks. Combine orange juice, honey, cinnamon, and almonds. Combine all ingredients and blend using a blender. Blend for a few minutes until you have a homogeneous mixture and then you can add a few ice cubes. Now, your smoothie is ready to be enjoyed!

source http://www.healthyfoodhouse.com/cinnamon-pineapple-smoothie-strengthen-knee-ligaments-tendons/

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