Curative Effect of Lemon and Its Oil

Lemon ethereal oil

Lemon ethereal oil, which is derived from the fruit of lemon tree (lat. Citrus Lemon), provides a wide range of health well-being.
Historians found evidences that lemon it is used for medical benefit more than thousands years in China, India and parts of Arabic peninsula.
It is imported in Europe during the Crusader capes and as the time passed it gained in popularity until it put down roots with the beginning of 16th Century.
In America it is imported in the 1493rd, when it is expanded in the New World thanks to Spanish invaders.

Curative effect of lemon and its oil

James Lind in 1747th first began to experiment with lemon juice when examining sailors who suffered from scurvy.
He became aware of the fact that the addition of this fruit in the diet greatly prevents the disease. Nowadays we know that this is so because of the abundance of vitamin C in lemons.
The effects of lemon and its precious oil have been recognized by not only doctors and aroma therapists, but also by writers and poets.
So Maud Grieve in his book on herbal medicine pointed out that “lemon is the most powerful citrus fruit that can be used for the preservation of health.”
Healing powers of fresh lemons are retained in its oil.
This oil relieves depression and anxiety, increases concentration, improves vitality, cures wounds and strengthens the immune system.
Evaporation of lemon essential oil acts as stimulant for the central nervous system and mental functions.
Like other citric oil, lemon elevates mood, reduces anxiety and concern, and reduces stress.
In addition, increases motivation, increases concentration and improves attention.
Inhalation molecules of lemon oil reduce perspiration; soothe sore throats and relieves discomfort caused by bronchitis.
It is believed that lemon oil promotes weight loss, alleviates asthma attacks and heals ulcerative diseases.
If you have a high fever, reach for lemon oil, because it works against confirmed influenza and other infectious diseases such as malaria and typhoid.

The benefits of lemon oil

• elevates mood
• reduces anxiety and stress
• relieves insomnia
• strengthens concentration
• boosts energy
• dispels headache
• disinfect wounds
• promotes weight loss
• has a good effect on skin problems
• improves digestion
• protects against viruses
• helps with bronchitis and asthma
• stimulates the liver and kidneys

How to use lemon’s oil

Lemon oil can be used in many ways – spray into the air, local application on the body or internal intake, but making sure to use the real, 100% natural lemon oil.
To spray lemon ethereal oil you can use a diffuser or scented lamp.
To inhale oil you can use inhalers, and you can add it in a warm bath.
For the usage of spray or fragrance lamp it is enough to drip into the water four to eight drops of lemon oil.
When you use bath, drip three to five drops of lemon in the warm water-filled bathtub. If you are long in the bath, after half an hour, add some more drops.
For inhalation, drip three drops in a pot with half a liter of hot water, lean over the pot and cover your head with a towel.

Local application

Thanks to its antibacterial properties, lemon oil disinfects wounds and helps them heal faster.
As an astringent agent, closes pores, heals acne and reduces pain from bites and stings.
Apply a drop of lemon oil on oily skin to subdue gland function.
A little lemon oil added to shampoo reduces the greasiness of hair and enhances the removal of dandruff.
Rub lemon oil on cellulite to improve circulation and remove toxins from the cells.
Rub it on your toes to reduce pain and inflammation.
In a glass of water pour a few drops of lemon oil and use the mixture to rinse your mouth.
For application directly to the skin oils dilute essential oils such as walnut, olive or jojoba.

Inner application of lemon oil

Add a drop of lemon oil in the morning tea or a handful to raise the energy at the beginning of the day.
Drip a few drops of lemon oil in a dish to improve its taste.
This oil additionally helps against heartburn and generally slow digestion.
It is useful in the case of diseases caused by hypovitaminosis, anemia and high blood pressure.
It is recommended to promote blood circulation, which is favorable for diabetics and people who are rarely in motion.
It promotes weight loss and a beneficial effect on stomach diseases.

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