Dad Takes Photo Of His Girl Posing With Horse – After Taking A Closer Look, He Bursts Out Laughing

A picture says a thousand words. Documenting your significant life moments; births, weddings and holidays to name a few.

Sometimes we like to get creative with our photographs, I’m sure we’ve all seen someone on Facebook upload a photo of them “holding up the Leaning Tower of Pisa” or an even more classic “bunny ears” to an unsuspecting friend.

Now we have photobombing. To photobomb someone is to essentially sneak-attack a photograph by pulling a face or getting involved in a shot that you weren’t necessarily supposed to be a part of.

Occasionally, the world blesses us with some of these moments and there’s nothing better than an animal getting involved.

This little girl was enjoying a day out with her family while watching large Clydesdale horses walk by in what is possibly a parade.

At this point, she wanted to pose for a photograph with one of these majestic creatures that tower above her. Standing in front of a horse, being told to “say cheese” and by the looks of things, she wasn’t the only one responding.

According to PetMD, Clydesdale horses are known to be tender and gentle, but also to have a vibrant personality and sharp intellect – characteristics that are made evident in this hilarious photograph.

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