Diet Healthful Dish Truffle Style Mushrooms

portabello mushrooms


2 big Portobello mushrooms
1 tablespoons olive oil (extra-virgin)
2 big cloves garlic (largely chopped)
salt and largely-ground pepper to taste
A bunch of plane leaf parsley (largely chopped)

* A Portobello mushroom is a very big cremini (a cremini is a brown or cream-colored sort of the white button mushroom) and is one of the most regularly and vastly consumed mushroom in the world. The taste of the Portobello is identical as that of the common market mushroom, not including the distinction in view of the fact that it is advanced in years and more evolved.


Cleaning Mushrooms: While cleaning the mushrooms make the use of a brush and a moistened sponge. Take off the stem and keep it for some other usage.

portabello mushrooms 2portabello mushrooms 3


Length and finely slice the mushrooms.

Take a big frying pan heat up olive oil and slightly cook the garlic over medium heat, until soft and fragrant. You should be careful and do not allow the garlic get brown. Then add the sliced mushrooms and spice with salt and pepper. Cook for approximately 20 minutes, just until soft stirring from time to time.

Towards the end of the cooking time add parsley and stir in. Take off from heat and serve warm.

This dish makes 4 servings.


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