Drink this potion every night before bedtime and you will get rid of your body fat quickly!



Laxative properties are useful in contributing to fat burning. Fat burning is something that is quite difficult, especially in the legs and abdomen. We sleep every day and sleeping is great for burning fat, the problem is when you wake up your body does not do anything for fat. Therefore when you are accelerating fat then you have to increase metabolism as well, namely by performing several ways, one is by drinking a mixture which will be described below.


This mixture should be taken one hour before bedtime every single day.


One teaspoon of ginger or honey







The main strength of this herb is vinegar. A study in mice gives hope that the sour taste in vinegar may help to burn body fat. Vinegar has long been considered beneficial in weight loss as some types of apple cider vinegar (aimed to burn fat) have been circulating for years. Sour taste of vinegar is the result of fermented fruit pectin, considered to have a strong effect to burn fat.

In studies conducted to a group of mice, researchers gave acetic acid (chemical element in vinegar) to mice through the stomach lining. All mice were given the same treatment.

Researchers found that every mouse that received the vinegar experienced a reduction in fat content of 10% more than the other mice. Acetic acid can alter the genes that produce proteins that are responsible for fat metabolism.

However, you can replace your dinner menu with this simple natural potion. Of course, this step requires great determination, but you can get rid of fat in a short time. I hope this recipe can help you in burning your body fat faster.

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