Eliminate Mucus From Your Lungs, And Boost Your Immune System

The tissue in the mouth, throat, sinuses, nose and gastrointestinal tract produces mucus as a way to protect their surfaces from drying out, and prevent the attacks of bacteria and viruses.

As soon as such pathogen attacks the body, mucus traps it and prevents its entrance in the body.

Mucus, otherwise known as phlegm or snot, contains enzymes, antibodies, protein, and cells, which prevent sickness. Its complex composition consists of 95% water, antibodies that recognize the invading microbes, and enzymes that destroy foreign organisms.

When healthy, we produce approximately 1 to 1.5 liters of mucus daily, which quietly goes down the throat. Yet, when we are sick, the mucus becomes thicker. Its production is also increased in the case of allergies.

Moreover, its production might be stimulated by the consumption of certain foods that activate gustatory rhinitis, such as milk and all dairy products, red meat, alcohol, gluten, and refined sugar.

If you want to reduce the mucus production, you should stay away from them. If this doesn’t work, it might be a sign of an allergy to some food.

The following natural juice will lower the mucus production and alleviate sinusitis:


  • 1-inch ginger root
  • 2 green apples
  • 8 carrots


Clean the ingredients well, and then mix them all in the juicer. Drink it throughout the entire day.

To boost the effects of this juice, increase the intake of fermented foods and probiotics.

Source:  healthylifebox

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