Peanuts contain a number of ingredients, for example, fats, vitamins, fibers, agents for prevention of cancer which enhance the immune system of the organism. Only two or three of peanuts daily can reduce the risk of infection.

Individuals who ate peanuts more than seven times a week showed a 20 percent lower mortality rate.

Have plenty of peanuts, for they are a rich source of vital nutrients, see yourself, as you scroll down to check some peanuts health benefits.

Following is a peanut nutritional value table, that could vary depending upon the way and form (salted, plain, roasted, butter, etc) it is consumed. Nevertheless, what does not change is the many health benefits of peanuts.

Here are its advantages:

  • Reduces the risk of diabetes and control blood sugar
  • Peanuts can reduce the risk of diabetes by a whopping 21%.
  • Keep your heart healthy
  • The study showed that people who ate peanuts have a 35% reduced risk of coronary disease.
  • Protects against colon cancer
  • Testing has found that women who ate peanuts twice a week had 58% less likely to have colorectal cancer. In men it is 27% less likely.

Peanuts Side Effects

Excessive peanuts intake may lead to gas, heartburn, and a suddenly developed food allergy to peanuts.

A peanut allergy is perhaps the most serious food allergy you can develop. Peanut allergy sufferers are at high risk of serious allergic reactions that can actually be life threatening, even if the first episode of peanut sensitivity was not severe. If you suspect you have a peanut allergy, you need to get tested by an allergist immediately and avoid all nut products until the allergy is determined as legitimate or not.

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