He posted THIS PHOTO OF HIS DAUGHTER And It Save Her Life. Because One Comment Was Different To All The Others

A pair of trained eyes spots what others didn’t

When this father took a funny photo with his daughter, he didn’t know that it would save her life. As he photographed his daughter after her very first bath, he found her stunned and reproachful expression so funny that he posted the snapshot online.


Thousands of people found the photo mega cute and commented with funny remarks like, “Great, she’s going to be a rebel and marry a penniless guy without tattoos.” There was one comment, however, from a children’s doctor that got the father’s full attention:

“Are her eyes a little yellow? It looks like it to me, but it’s hard to tell, because the entire photo is a little yellow. It’s probably nothing, but it could be a symptom for neonatal jaundice
. If her skin and eyes actually look a little yellow, then maybe you should get it checked out. I’m a paranoid children’s doctor, hence my concern.”

The dad listened to the concerns of the stranger and took his daughter to the doctor. There it was confirmed that his concerns were correct: the little girl had jaundice and therefore, this attentive children’s doctor had probably saved her life by commenting on the photo! Even though jaundice can be common in small children, if it is left untreated, it is potentially deadly or can cause severe brain damage. So it’s fantastic that this doctor looked a little closer and that the father immediately reacted.


1 Comment

1 Comment


    December 6, 2016 at 2:51 pm

    Jaundice in infants is usually no big deal. Two of my children became jaundiced, shortly after birth. Merely an ABO incompatibility. My husband is blood type AB and I am O. Our children are type A. A little sunlight and vitamin E will take care of it. Educate yourself and don’t believe everything you hear or are told.

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