Her skin was filled with disgusting blisters and the pain was unbearable. When she remembered what she had done the day before, she understood the unexpected reason

Elise Nguyen from Wisconsin is a strong believer in natural products, especially essential oils which are made from ingredients extracted directly from plants, seeds or fruits. These oils have many unique properties and are mainly used in perfumes due to their intense and concentrated aroma, or in alternative medicine. Because they are so strong, they should not normally be applied directly to the skin, although there are some that are exceptions.

That was what Elise did, but she did not read the small print on the label that indicated an important warning. The consequences were terribly serious. She shared this post on Facebook as a warning to others:

Who would have imagined that the oils would cause this kind of reaction when exposed to UV rays? These types of burns are called “phototoxic reactions” and are the result of a strange chemical reaction produced by essential oils when they interact with the rays of the sun or, in this case, with the light in a tanning bed. Citrus fruit juice is a common example of a substance that can cause this kind of burning. When used in essential oils, this effect is multiplied.

It is also not advisable to apply these type of oils before exercising as they clog the pores and do not allow sweat to be expelled naturally. This may also cause irritation in the skin.

Unfortunately, Elise had to learn these lessons the hard way. Today she’s spreading the word to everyone: no matter what the product, always read the warnings and instructions carefully before using it. Allergies or chemical reactions are serious and her burns prove it.

Fortunately, Elise will recover and will be left with only a few scars. We wish her all the best with her recovery. And if something like this ever happens to you, be sure to get medical attention immediately — every second counts!


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