Here’s why this mother took a picture of her daughter who had just died

It was a day 49-year-old Cheryl Towery will never forget. The mother from Michigan experienced a personal catastrophe when her 22-year-old daughter was rushed to a hospital in Detroit.

Earlier that evening, her daughter Elaina Towery had gone into a fast food restaurant with a friend.

“She pulled in here to use the restroom. After 20 or 25 minutes, he thought it was odd that she didn’t come back out,” said Cheryl.

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At 5:30 p.m., the worried mother had received a text message saying that Elaina would be home soon. In reality, she would never be coming back though. Shortly after the text was sent, Elaina was found unconscious in the restroom.

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She had gone into cardiac arrest and was immediately taken to the hospital. “I wasn’t prepared for what I saw in the emergency room, because that’s the worst I’ve ever seen her,” said Cheryl.

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She fell unconscious due to an overdose of heroin laced with fentanyl. Elaina had slipped into drug addiction around seven years ago when she turned to prescription drugs as means of coping with her violent boyfriend.

The two had a five-year-old son called Christopher, but Elaina had to give him up for adoption; she wanted him to grow up in better surroundings. Christopher’s father had already been convicted of domestic violence.

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At the hospital, the 22-year-old’s condition failed to improve. Instead, she was getting worse.

“She’s my only daughter, my best friend. She was supposed to start her new job today, now she’s on life support,” said Cheryl.

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As Elaina’s liver and kidneys started to fail, her muscles wasted away and there was hardly any brain activity. Cheryl decided to switch off the life support machine.

Cheryl wants to use this photo of her dead daughter as a wake-up call to other parents and drug addicts.

You can find out more about this tragic case in this local news report:

“I’m gonna fight for the rest of my life to make sure the people down here on the street selling this to people need to be locked up,” concluded Cheryl. Hopefully her daughter’s story will serve as a warning to others about the dangers of drugs.

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