I always kept my phone in the pocket of my jeans until I read this and discovered I was making a huge mistake

For many of us it’s an automatic routine we go through every time we leave the house — we grab our keys and put them in one pocket of our pants and then put our cell phone in the other.But what most people aren’t aware of is that this simple habit can be very bad for your health.
Although it seems like an obvious place to put it, carrying your phone in the pocket of your pants is actually the worst place you could put it. Here are some of the reasons why…

For many years, organizations around the world have been researching whether the use of smartphones and their proximity to our bodies can increase the risk of cancer. Although no definitive conclusion has been reached yet, the results obtained so far don’t look good: many studies have linked the use of mobile phones with skin and testicular cancer. In addition, there’s also evidence to suggest that they can damage our central nervous system (CNS), which is very serious because this is basically what controls our entire body.

But how is this possible? Well, smartphones generate electromagnetic energy in the form of radio frequency (RF) waves. This means that the closer the device is to our body, the more radiation we’re exposed to and this can have very adverse effects on our health.

In the case of men, carrying a smartphone near the testicles reduces sperm production and mobility. But there’s no need to panic — this doesn’t mean that anyone who carries a phone in his pocket will become sterile. What is certain is that the danger exists; the RF waves are there even if we don’t see them and they do affect fertility. The extent to which this radiation affects those small swimmers in the testicles is still not known… but better safe than sorry, right?

And women also face potential dangers: using a cell phone too often during pregnancy or keeping it too close to the fetus can cause serious harm to the reproductive system and may even affect the unborn child.

Whatever way you look at it, radiation is not good for your body. Even if there are still no conclusive studies, it’s still better to be cautious and not tempt fate. So the next time you’re heading out the door, put your phone in your bag or coat and avoid those damaging RF waves as much as possible. You’ll be doing your body a great favor!

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