If you do this in the morning, your risk of becoming overweight goes up 50%

For a lot of people, breakfast means a cup of coffee (and/or cigarette). Many don’t feel hungry when they first get up and some abstain from breakfast to slim down. But it turns out it’s not an effective strategy for staying healthy or watching your weight.


These five arguments in favor of a morning meal should persuade even the most adamant anti-breakfast grouches.

1. Boost your mood


If you start the day by starving yourself, your nervous system will be the first to notice. And it won’t be happy: not eating, or eating badly, can have a major impact on your mood.

Consider healthy foods like fruit, veggies, and whole grains, as well as protein like eggs or even a burger, for breakfast. Since a big dose of refined carbs or sugar can lead to mood swings, you’re better off limiting the amount of sucrose and glucose you throw at your system first thing in the morning.

So give your body the treat of substantial food for breakfast and your outlook will be sunnier for the whole day.

2. Improve your relationships


Sitting down for a real breakfast is a great way to spend time with family or friends.

Don’t waste the chance to strengthen those bonds, especially when it comes to your kids. They deserve to start the day off with positive social interactions, not to mention their parents’ attention and interest. It will help them later to stave off any tendencies towards isolation or depression.

If it means getting up a few minutes earlier (and if that means turning off the computer/phone a few minutes earlier the night before), start by trying it on just one normal weekday!

A quick breakfast once a quarter with an elusive friend or family member can also be the trick to maintaining that relationship. It’s hard to find the time, but it can boost your emotional wellbeing as well as your physical health to stay in touch with those you care about.

Many people wait till the end of the day for a dinner or drink meeting, but then you’re tired and there’s much more competition for your time. It’ll feel great to start the day catching up with someone you love.

3. Enhance your concentration and memory

Starting the day with healthy calories feeds not just your muscles but your brain as well. When you need to concentrate first thing, be sure to provide your brain with the sustenance to do so — not just caffeine. You’ll perform better when you’ve had a good breakfast.

4. Lose weight

By eating regular, medium-sized meals at fairly even intervals, you actually keep your metabolism running, crank up the processes that burn fat, and lower your cholesterol level.

Starving yourself, on the other hand, slows down your metabolism and increases your chances of gaining weight. It also throws off your blood sugar level, which can raise the risk of a serious disease like diabetes.

5. Improve your physical stamina


By eating a combination of vitamin-rich whole grains, fruit, and protein for breakfast, you’ll afford your body a sustainable source of energy. It won’t just keep you feeling nourished but you’ll enjoy greater physical vitality throughout the day. You might even find that you don’t need that second cup of coffee — or sweet snack — to keep you going. Breakfast can actually be enough.

Even if you’ve never been a morning person, if you’re a true believer in skipping the morning meal, didn’t these points tempt you to convert to a healthy breakfast?

Don’t embark on your day on an empty stomach. Your mood, your brain, your whole body, and even your loved ones will benefit from that quick (or slow) bite in the a.m.!

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