If You Eat THIS For Breakfast It May Be Killing You…

The public has recently been disturbed with news coming from New York. Namely, a lawsuit has been filed by Lewis Daly of Brooklyn claiming that Quaker Oats contain a cancer-causing substance called glyphosate. The thing is this substance, which is a common herbicide used in many weed killing products, such as Roundup and Ortho, was proclaimed a potential health hazard to humans in 2015.

In a class lawsuit filed at the Federal District Courts of both New York and California, Daly claims that trace amounts of glyphosate were found in Quaker Oats Quick 1-Minute product after it has been tested. Customers seek refunds and a ban for the oatmeal company to use glyphosate in their products.

What Daly and other consumers are mad about is the fact that the company markets their products as 100% natural. This false advertising is misleading to customers.

On the other hand, Quaker Oats, which is owned by PepsiCo, maintain that their products are subject to strict regulations relative to the process of growing and harvesting of oats. The production and sales are also closely examined.

The company claims that prior to the production process, their oats go through a cleansing process that removes any significant levels of herbicide. Actually, a separate independent testing of Quaker Oat oatmeal has revealed that the Quick 1-Minute product packs only 4% of the acceptable limit. This ranks the product well below the minimum levels that EPA has established.


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