If you give your dog 1 tsp coconut oil they will thank you — for these 12 reasons

Coconut oil — the ingredient of the year. It’s been revered as a super-food for a while now and can do you good in practically countless ways. But what about our best friends, how’s coconut oil for our dogs? Some foods we love, like chocolate, are poisonous for canines. Coconut oil doesn’t fall into this category however. On the contrary! Check out these 12 reasons to give your dog a spoonful every day.

First, a few words on the correct application:

It’s important to figure out whether your particular dog actually tolerates coconut oil, since every animal is different. To test this, put half a teaspoon into their food. If no problems appear, increase the dosage as appropriate to the dog’s weight: ideally 1 tsp per 20 lbs. Do not overfeed your dog coconut oil since that can give them diarrhea.

Both for internal and external use, this oil has extraordinary effects:

1. Improves bad breath

If your dog has bad breath, you can use a little coconut oil to clean their teeth and mouth. The odor will improve quickly. This trick actually works for people too!

2. Shiny fur
A little coconut oil added to their diet and your pooch’s fur will develop a healthy shine. You can also apply it straight to their coat.

3. Healthy skin
Even though dogs’ skin is protected by their fur, they can still suffer from dermatological problems. Coconut oil can help if you apply it to the affected area, for instance with dry skin, fungal infections, stings, and eczema.

4. Immune function
Coconut oil is supposed to support the immune system, both in humans and in dogs. So for a dog who gets sick regularly, it could help boost their ability to fight off those nasty bacteria and viruses.

5. Better digestion
Coconut oil allows your dog’s digestive system to function better, helping their body absorb more nutrition and fight off intestinal problems.

6. Against ticks and fleas

Every dog owner knows these annoying pests. If you rub your dog’s fur with coconut oil though, chances are good that these creepy-crawly beasts will give Rex a wide berth. Studies have also demonstrated that the oil is an effective tick-guard for humans as well!

7. Against worms
Internal parasites can be brought to heel this way as well — for instance against a giardia infection. Worms particularly dislike the surface structure of shredded coconut and will be driven off by it.

8. Weight reduction

For overweight dogs, coconut oil can contribute to weight loss. Exercise and good nutrition also play a key role of course.

9. Brain activity
To slow down the aging process in a dog’s brain, coconut oil is a great resource. It will help your beloved friend to stay active in old age!

10. Against diabetes
Coconut oil influences the regulation of insulin in the body, so it can actually help canine diabetes patients. Together with the digestion support, for instance, and weight reduction, the oil provides a healthy complement in avoiding or relieving diabetes.

11. Against bad odors
You can get control of not just bad breath but other body odors as well with a little help from coconut oil. A musty coat will be freshened up and smell more neutral.

12. Small wounds

Yes, even little cuts and scrapes can be treated with coconut oil. Its antibacterial and anti-fungal properties act as a great remedy.

It’s amazing that one simple ingredient is so versatile. So run out and get a jar — and see how it can benefit your pup!



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