Japanese Public Doctor How To Eliminate The Helicobacter Pylori Bacteria Easily

Daily we face an invisible struggle in our body. Bacteria are a microorganism with which we run the risk of infection and we do not know when they may affect us, either because of something we eat or because of any surface we touch, also due to poor hygiene.

Our body has some good bacteria that help us break down food and improve certain body functions. Of course.

The excess of these can be harmful so we need to take care of our health and hygiene, especially when we eat, bacteria are invisible to the naked eye.

There is one in particular that usually lives in our stomach or digestive tract.

It affects more than half of the world’s population and is a cause of various chronic infections, as well as causing ulcers and cancer. This is the Helicobacter bacteria and we will explain how you can treat it.

Get rid of the Helicobacter Pylori in your body, applying this effective treatment

For many decades, after discovering this class of microorganisms, it was thought that it was impossible for our digestive system to find such bacteria, especially in our stomach.

The reason is that the scientists assumed that the gastric acids eliminated them.

It was at the time of the 80s when it was possible to demonstrate, not only that it was possible, but also that we possessed a large number of particularly benign internal bacteria.

The Helicobacter is capable of damaging the body through ulcers, gastritis, and other similar conditions, in particular destroying the stomach mucosa so that it multiplies rapidly the longer it passes through the body.

It can be diagnosed with an endoscopy and breath test.

Also by the following symptoms:

-Bulky stomach
-Permanent gas and belches
-Sensitivity to meals
-Stomach distention

Avoid excess antibiotics because as you use them, the bacteria gain immunity to it. The best thing is to develop a natural treatment, very special for this kind of problems.

You need:

-A medium and fresh broccoli
-A pinch of sea salt
-250ml of boiling water


Once you have these ingredients, proceed to remove very well the dirt of broccoli. Add to a blender with the rest of the ingredients and blend very well to form a homogeneous drink.

Consume daily fasting and before going to sleep, in a month of treatment you will have very effective results and the bacteria will have disappeared. Accompany this treatment with ginger tea and a healthy diet to enhance its effects.

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