Kefir as a Great Miracle in a small pot during Pregnancy

The fetus that develops safely in the mother’s womb is entirely dependent on the food it receives from the mother through the umbilical cord. And for that reason varied diet is the key to the normal fetal development and growth.

Milk contains all the basic substances that are necessary for the normal development of the organism. They are proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins ( A , D , E , K , B12 , B1 ) and minerals ( Ca , Mg , P , …) .

All of these substances are also contained in kefir, but due to the fermentation process it is partially digested, so our body faster and with less effort absorbs it into the blood. All these ingredients pass from the mother’s blood to the fetus by the umbilical cord, which requires development of a number of substances. If the food does not contain enough vitamins and minerals, they are drawn from the mother’s body, especially bones and teeth, which can have serious consequences for the mother’s health. It is very important that pregnant women consume enough foods rich with all these ingredients and kefir is one of these foods.

Kefir is easy to digest, regulates digestion and bowel function, relieves constipation, helps with insomnia and depression, contains calcium and phosphorus, which are very important for the proper development of bones and teeth, it has calming effect on the nervous system , etc. .

kefir smoothie

With regular consumption of this natural product you will be convinced of its positive effects.

Kefir is therefore a great miracle in a small pot, for us and our unborn child.

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