Man kindly leaves food and water on a grave, but what he finds the next day leaves him speechless.

28-year-old Keli Keningau Prayitno lives on the Indonesian island of Java and has already had quite a breadth of experiences. But one day in a cemetery he noticed a very special cat sitting next to a gravestone and it nearly broke his heart.

The first time he saw the feline he thought she just lived there. He left the hungry-looking animal some food and water and went on his way.

But the next day he heard a pitiful sounding meow again. There was the cat, lying next to the same gravestone, far from the food and water. Keli decided to look out for the poor cat and prepared another meal for it. This time he tried going a little bit closer and saw that the cat didn’t look at all like a stray.

He repeated this procedure the next day as well. Finally the cat let him pet her and Keli decided to adopt the animal.

But whatever Keli did, one thing never changed: as if pulled by a magic force, the cat came back to that gravestone every day. He had to figure out what was going on. After some investigating he discovered something astonishing: “Since the cat’s owner died she has stayed here at the grave. She doesn’t want to go home. She’s been here for almost a year. She sleeps here and meows.”

The cat and her owner must have had a wonderful connection. Keli still takes care of her while she mourns and he’s deeply impressed by the animal’s loyalty to her former mistress. One can only guess what that woman meant to this cat! Such a special connection is truly touching.

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