Miraculous Ingredient that Green Coffee Owns

Green coffee in recent months represents one of the most natural means of losing weight.
It is not a new fictional “hit” of modern industry for weight loss, because as a beverage and a drug has been used for ages.
Some of the people in ancient times, with the usage of green coffee raised energy.
In many nations, it was one of the most important food products.
Arabs first started to consume the precious drink of green coffee grains.
By the early 20th century healing properties of green coffee extract were unknown to the western world.
However, in recent decades, its popularity is growing, not only as a means for weight loss, but also a cure for diabetes and heart disease.

What are green coffee grains?

They are raw and unroasted coffee grains, and coffee for many of us is an inevitable morning ritual.
The grains are not roasted because this procedure destroys the precious ingredient that makes green coffee miraculous.
Miraculous ingredient which green coffee owes its popularity is called the GCA. It contains chlorogenic acids and hydroxycinnamic acid.
Studies have shown that the ingredients GCA help to burn fat, even without exercise.
These ingredients provide a safe weight loss without undesirable fluctuations in weight, or so-called “yoyo effect”.
When you take the extract of green coffee, it signals the body to break down fat more intensely.
Also, extract prevents the transfer of glucose into the bloodstream, so the body does not get the opportunity to store sugar.

green coffee

Green coffee researches

In one study, a group of sixteen obese individuals over twelve weeks has been taking between 750 and 1050 mg of extract of green coffee.
Measurements after the treatment found that the subjects lost an average of 10 weight percent and 4.4 percent fat.
In order to verify the validity of the research, it was conducted another study on a group of 100 obese women.
One group received a placebo and the other one capsule of 400 mg three times a day. After two weeks, the women taking the extract of green coffee on the average lost per one kilogram.
The groups did not change their usual habits, and the only difference between them was taking green coffee.

Other medicinal properties of green coffee

Many studies have confirmed that green coffee improves learning ability and power of deduction.
It raises mental alertness and enhances concentration. It helps in reducing the number of errors and increases perception.
Chlorogenic acid from a green coffee inhibits the enzyme that promotes the formation of glucose by the liver.
Therefore, green coffee has a positive effect in glycemic disorders such as diabetes.
Chlorogenic acid has a reputation of strong antioxidant that improves liver function, improves digestion and improves the overall functioning of the body.
It may contribute to lower high blood pressure and lowering cholesterol levels.
In general, all strong antioxidants reduce the risk of cancer and heart disease, including chlorogenic acid.

Is green coffee harmful for health?

Right, quality green coffee is not harmful for health. In fact, it’s the same coffee you drink every day, but not roasted, and therefore contains more curative ingredients.
However, at some point on the market appeared dubious quality products, which apart from green coffee, also contained a harmful ingredient sibutramine. These products are in 2010 withdrawn from the market and are no longer commercially available.

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