Mix Bananas, Honey and Water: Cough and Bronchitis Disappear as If By Magic! (Recipe)

You can treat your bronchitis and cough problems with a very effective homemade recipe comprising of pure natural honey, banana and clean water.

This recipe will also provide your body with a lot of nutrients as banana is rich in magnesium and potassium and pure natural honey has antioxidants that will help to combat free radicals that cause several ailments in the body including premature ageing and even cancer.

Your child can also be given this natural recipe to treat their sore throat and cough concerns as it has no side effects.

Here’s how it’s prepared


  • Banana (semi-ripe) — 2
  • Pure natural honey — 2 tablespoons
  • Boiling water — 400 ml

Note: Add your pure natural honey when the mixture is cool so as to preserve it’s nutrients.


  • First of all peel your bananas and then using a plastic or wooden spoon or fork mash the bananas, the reason why you need to use a wooden or plastic spoon or fork is that the bananas tend to be darkened in colour if a metal spoon or fork is used to mash them.
  • Boil some water.
  • Next place the mashed bananas in a saucepan and then pour your boiled water on the bananas and cover the saucepan leaving it at room temperature for about 60 minutes.
  • Before you add your pure natural honey ensure that the mixture is cool as you will be able to preserve the nutrients of your honey this way.

Using This Recipe

  • You have to consume about 100 ml of the solution at least thrice daily.
  • You can take it slightly warm.
  • The ingredients above should be sufficient for a single day. If symptoms persist you can make a fresh recipe for subsequent days of use.
  • In just 5 days your bronchitis and cough concerns will be alleviated.

Try this DIY natural homemade recipe for the treatment of your bronchitis and cough today and you will be glad you made that choice.


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