Mix This Cream With Orange Juice and SEE What Happens to Your Lungs

Did you know that the nicotine usually takes from 48 to 72 hours to leave your body? This is definitely bad news for someone who is trying to hide the nicotine cravings contstantly, just because they’re trying to quit.


Well now, let us introduce you to the Cream of Tartar. This is a byproduct from the process of making wine, and it can get out all the nicotine from your body.

And in addition to this, one week of cream of tartar treatment will cost less than a pack of nicotine patches. And even if you don’t smoke, the cream of tartar can be very useful for you!


The chemists know the cream of tartar as potassium hydrogen tartate. This is a sediment. It comes from the bottom of the wine barrel.

That said, you must note that the cream of tartar is definitely not alcoholic. Now, here are some benefits of it and tips on how to use it!

1. You can quit smoking with it – the cream of tartar will not only pull out all the nicotine from your body, but can make you dislike the taste of the cigarettes.

This is excellent for people who are trying to stop smoking. In these cases, the cream of tartar works best when it is mixed with orange juice.

The orange juice restores the levels of Vitamin C in the body, an in return, the Vitamin C helps you fight off the nicotine. One souce claims that after a thirty day challenge of drinking this mix, they have stopped smoking for good.

2. You can reduce the pain that comes from arthritis – if you happen to be suffering from arthritis, you will love the cream of tartar, because in 100 grams of it there are 2 milligrams of magnesium.

The magnesium is the one compound that fights of inflammation in the body. Mix two tablespoons of the cream of tartar with three tablespoons of Epsom salt in a bath and soak in it for half an hour, once or twice within a day. Keep on using it constantly if the pain goes away.

3. Relieve a urinary tract infection now – the cream of tartar will alter the pH levels in the urine, creating an environment that sends the bacteria out of your body, causing your infection to disappear.

In a cup of warm water mix one and a half tablespoon of cream of tartar, and then add a few drops of lemon juice. Drink this mixture every day.

4. Acne? No more! – the cream of tartar can be a great cleaning agent for your skin. But you do not apply it directly on your face, remember that. Create a drink, 8 ounces of orange juice or water with a teaspoon of cream of tartar.

Drink this mixevery day, and as time passes, you will notice that your skin is clear and that the acne are starting to disappear.

5. Finally, a normal blood pressure level – if you have issues with a high blood pressure levels, it means that your level of potassium in the body is not very high.

This is a problem with most people. Well, the cream of tartar can take care of that because 100 grams of it contain 16.500 milligrams of potassium.

But, before trying to solve this one, check with your doctor if the potassium deficiency is the reason for your high blood pressure.

If that is the case, then mix a teaspoon of the cream of tartar in a glass of water and drink it every night, just before you go to bed.

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