Mulled Wine…Healthy Usage!


In some parts of southern Europe there is a one unconditional way of preparing the wine. Heated wine is used almost everywhere and people love it. You don’t need to use some expensive wines or any special sort of wine because the taste of cinnamon and cloves dominate and bouquet of the wine will be lost anyway. Red or white wine, you can choose according your taste. You can also choose the quantity of the ingredients for recipe. If you are using red wine you can also add some orange zest, it allow some extra aroma and taste delicious.



mulled wine

Bottle of wine
7 cloves
1 cup water
5-7 tablespoons sugar
Orange zest


How to prepare:

Melt the sugar in the water, add cinnamon and cloves and cook until water is gone. Pour the wine and heat until boiling. Serve it in warm glasses. Drink one, maximum 2 cups per day.

It is an old traditional saying to drink one glass of mulled red wine just when you feel the first symptoms of getting cold.  Nutrition_Facts_wine

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