Only One Way to Build Perfect Healthy Body

We get hundreds of emails daily from people asking how to lose weight, change their body shape etc…
It’s not surprising if we know that 95% of women and 80% of men are unhappy with their bodies.
Most concerning is that some people are so uncomfortable about their appearance and they are afraid to go to gym.
Reading all those magazines where women look like Barbie and men like He-Man frustrate you and make you ask for some pills that suddenly transform you to a model.
Nothing can be done in a minute and even sexiest models are photo-shopped to perfection, removing any cellulite, increasing bust size and very often removing inches from their bodies.

See bellow some healthy diets that will help you to get wanted weight and healthy body:

Food for obtaining and maintaining muscle mass:

MENU no. 1

• 150 grams of chicken (or turkey) breast (it has fewer calories than chicken foodthighs and an excellent source of protein)
• 150 grams lean, low-fat cheese
• beans with olive oil, green salad

MENU no. 2

• 200 grams of oily fish – rich in omega 3 fatty acids, tuna, anchovies, salmon
• tomato salad, olives and egg yolk

MENU no. 3

• protein shake (milk and eggs) 40grams with milk – provides slowly degradable, high-quality protein.

Suggestions for Weight Loss

To achieve the desired weight it is important to use more calories than one brings in, to consume foods rich in protein and complex carbohydrates that take longer to dissolve, and they are also rich in dietary fiber.

Snacks replace with fresh fruits and vegetables, cook vegetables on steam, eat white poultry meat, and drink plenty of water instead of juices that are usually loaded with sugar.

Here are a few suggestions for weight loss:food

MENU no. 1

• Salad with low fat cheese (150g), cucumbers and tomatoes

MENU no. 2

• carrots, broccoli and cauliflower steamed and spiced with a few drops of olive oil
• 150grams of hake fillet cooked and seasoned with a few drops of lemon juice

MENU no. 3

• 150grams of turkey breast roasted on the grill
• Lettuce

Except that it should be avoided fat, sugar and salt for dinner, avoid certain 

Irina Shaykfoods such as eggs, mushrooms, certain types of shellfish that may tend to fall bad on your stomach if you eat in the evening.

♣We must be aware that we have to exercise if we want to increase any weight because there is no benefit from increased protein intake if the muscles are not used. An increase in muscle mass increase the weight, and metabolism work faster and the food is processed faster when reaches the stomach.

♣There is no need to flee from fat as necessary for the operation of the organism; redirect to the “good” sunflower, soybean, corn and olive oil. Do you want to lose weight and build muscle mass assist the protein, but reduce sugar and count calories.

♣The most important thing in any diet is to enjoy the food we eat, its aromas and flavors, and eat slowly so that your brain receives a message arrived when full and when it’s time to stop.

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