Physical and Behavioral Traits Linked With the Length of Your Finger

You can learn a lot about yourself just by looking at your hands. Scientists have noticed an extraordinary link between the length of your ring and index fingers and a various physical as well as behavioral traits. It has been suggested by some scientists that the ratio of length of the 2nd (index finger) and 4th (ring finger) can indicate many different traits, risks, advantages and deficiencies.

This 2D:4D ratio, also known as digit ratio can predict everything from sporting skill to education, sexual orientation to susceptibility to disease. It is science’s answer to palmistry.


Some scientists believe that the ratio between index and ring finger indicates how much testosterone we were exposed to in our mother’s womb. The higher the testosterone, the greater the length of the ring finger and the more “masculine” the resulting child – whether male or female. On average, men tend to have longer ring fingers and women longer index fingers.

One of the recent studies published in Discovery Magazine found out that, if a man’s ring finger is longer than his index finger, he is more likely to be attractive for women.

80 female university students between 18 and 34 participated in the study. The aim of the study was to find out what makes a man attractive. They were given images of 49 men and were asked to evaluate attractiveness. The visual tests showed that the longer the ring finger compared to the index finger a man had, the more attractive his face was rated.

Most of them have the charm of a heartthrob. They make a lot of friends and love to chat. They also have a natural ability to make relationships work.

You’re less likely to be faithful to one partner.
Greater exposure to testosterone in the womb predicts sexual promiscuity, according to a study published in Biology Letters in which researchers compared 575 adults’ attitudes about sex to their finger lengths. Scientists have found that high levels of testosterone in the womb points to sexual licentiousness.

You excel in endurance activities
A greater testosterone can be an indicator of high levels of achievement in sports as well as greater athletic ability.

– They’re also thought to be more aggressive, and more likely to take risks.

– They make better soldiers, engineers, speculators and chess players, and are better at solving problems such as crosswords.


People with shorter ring finger have high self-esteem and are kind of narcissistic.
They enjoy solitude and dislike to be interrupted when they are having some alone time.
Just because they prefer to work alone doesn’t mean they are an introvert. In sticky situations, they’re quick on their toes and eager to guide the way.
They are not the type to take the initiative in love, instead, they tend to receive the affection that’s given to them.


Those whose ring fingers and index fingers are the same length are peace loving and conflict makes them uncomfortable.
They are very coordinative and always try to get along well with people. They respect other people’s opinion and are always ready to compromise.
They are resourceful, even-tempered, and confident, people look to them for the right answers.
They are more likely to be faithful lovers. They are caring and gentle towards their partner.

source: happylifereport

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