Prescription Painkiller Tramadol ‘Claiming More Lives Than Any Other Drug’

Big pharma is literally the new drug dealer of the 21st century. While many meds are miracles in science and we are fortunate to have them, many others are creating more damage than good.

And a small handful of these drugs are flat-out killing us. In fact, according to the most recent estimates, prescription painkillers a killing more people than street drugs.

Of these painkillers, Tramadol is one of the worst offenders.

How do we get here?

Although there have been recent crackdowns on who can get prescribed painkillers, doctors in the past were writing scripts left and right for anything ranging from headaches to a sore arse. There simply wasn’t proper monitoring in place according to the Journal of General Medicine.

In a huge study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, they took a sample of 150,000 patients that were prescribed opioid prescription painkillers and found an overwhelming correlation to accidental fatal overdoses.

The medical community used to think that as long as we increase the dosage gradually we can continue to up the maximal dose of opioids safely. We now know this is a terrible approach and that it’s clearly killing people.

This isn’t even getting into the fact many patients are becoming addicted to pain meds (in record numbers) and move on to harder things like heroin. Or they simply get more painkillers on the black market.

Also, if these meds are taken with alcohol it’s like playing Russian Roulette.

I don’t think that people realize how potentially risky taking tramadol is. I think it’s because it’s a prescription drug – people assume it’s safe.

Professor Jack Crane, State Pathologist for NI

This truly is one of the epidemics of our time and we need to continue to shine a light on this sinister problem.

Unfortunately, I have had some dear friends become addicted to prescribed opiates and heroin. It’s nothing nice. They lose their soul and once this stuff gets it’s claws deep enough into someone it’s virtually impossible to get free. I’m a recovered alcoholic so I can empathize with the situation.

However, there is help…please go to for more information.

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