Did you know that there is a prescription drug that is killing more people than cocaine, even heroin?

According to Ireland’s top pathologist, tramadol, a heavily prescribed painkiller is wiping out people left and right.

How is this possible?

Well, if someone takes the medication as prescribed chances are that the patient will be fine and no harm will come. However, when it’s taken with alcohol (or other drugs) it’s like playing Russian Roulette.

I don’t think that people realize how potentially risky taking tramadol is. I think it’s because it’s a prescription drug – people assume it’s safe.

Professor Jack Crane, State Pathologist for NI

The opiate-based drug used to treat moderate or severe pain should only be available on prescription – it was reclassified in 2014 making it an illegal Class C drug without a prescription.

But anti-drug campaigners say more and more people are turning to the black market.

Professor Jack Crane has spoken out to say he fears more people will die unless urgent action is taken and he is calling for a crackdown on the illegal market.

He wants tramadol to be upgraded again, this time to Class A.

In America, a similar thing is happening with Oxycodone and Hydrocodone, our most prescribed painkillers. People are getting addicted to them in records numbers to the point where it’s being called an epidemic.

If you know anyone who may be having trouble with pain medications, please go to this website.

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