Natural Home-made Dandruff Treatments
The reason why dandruff appears is that during the process when skin cells regenerate themselves and the old ones are discarded, which results in creating annoying white flakes. Some individuals have a tendency to procreate and dispose of skin cells more rapidly than others. Other ways why dandruff can be caused are stress, disease, hormonal disturbances, inappropriate diet (particularly the consumption of carbohydrates and sugar), and insufficiency of nutrients such as, B- Complex Vitamins, essential fatty acids, and selenium. During the winter the appearance of dandruff is the worst. There is no remedy for Dandruff, but you can reduce the problem with some powerful Natural treatments.

As we all know it is a humiliating problem, because it is very apparent, and very irritating and painful if we do not treat it rapidly.kelp forest



Home-made Dandruff Treatment: Use flax-seed oil, primrose oil or salmon oil, they help relieve irritation and soreness. Furthermore they contribute to have healthy skin and scalp.

1* Home-made Dandruff Treatment: Use kelp, revive the hair growth and cures the scalp.

2* Home-made Dandruff Treatment: Consume Vitamin B complex + extra Vitamin B6 and Vitamin B12, all the B vitamins are necessary to procure a healthy skin and hair.

3* Home-made Dandruff Treatment: Consume Selenium is an antioxidant to help in controlling dry scalp.

4* Home-made Dandruff Treatment: Consume Vitamin E, refines the circulation of the blood.





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