Scientists Agree There’s One “Must Take” Essential Anti-Aging Supplement. It Slows Down Aging Drastically

Many experts now believe that absorbing a sufficient amount of Ubiquinol is a key link to how well we age and maintain our physical stamina. In recent years, significant attention has been given toward the importance of the nutrient Coenzyme Q10, most commonly referred to as CoQ10. We get CoQ10 from eating common foods like beef, fish, poultry, fruit and vegetables. Up until about age 35, our body naturally converts CoQ10 into its active form called Ubiquinol and distributes this energy producing enzyme to every cell in our bodies.

Ubiquinol is essential for our overall health.

Experts agree that Ubiquinol is an essential health “must”. Ubiquinol is the reduced, electron-rich form of coenzyme Q10. Although it was well known within research circles since the late 1950’s, it wasn’t introduced commercially until about 2006.

When our body’s supply of Ubiquinol is lower, we tend to slow down, have less energy, and our heart and cardiovascular system are less well protected.

Unfortunately, our bodies’ ability to naturally convert CoQ10 into the absorbable nutrient Ubiquinol steadily decreases over time. By the time we hit 40, our conversion efficiency has fallen so significantly that there is no practical diet conceivable to fill this critical nutrient void. This conversion inefficiency can become so severe that taking even heavy doses of consumer grade supplemental CoQ10, as found at the local drug store, is not a practical solution.

Ubiquinol plays a vital role in ATP production—which is the basic fuel for every cell in your body; without this most basic cellular energy production you die. Your body does produce ubiquinol naturally, in fact it is the predominant form in most healthy cells, tissues and organs, but as you age, not only does this conversion become less efficient; your cellular energy (ATP) production also diminishes. And that’s when you start seeing chronic and acute disease associated with aging and the aging process itself.

“Without the efficient production of ATP (energy produced in your mitochondria) in each cell in your body, that [age-related] deterioration is even faster,” Dr. Barry explains.

Amazing Health Benefits of Ubiquinol

  1. Combats Free Radicals in Your Mitochondria
  2. The ultimate enzyme for energy in your body.
  3. Increased cellular energy
  4. Exercise recovery
  5. Blood pressure support
  6. Slows down dementia and other neurological problems
  7. Supports a healthy immune system
  8. Stabilizes glucose levels
  9. Age-related macular degeneration
  10. Periodontal disease & saliva production

How to get ubiquinol

You can get small amounts from foods like organ meats (liver and heart), but the amount is minimal. The best way to get optimal levels of ubiquinol is to take a supplement.


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