A shape of your buttocks can say a lot about your health

It is a fascinating fact that no two people have the same shape. Our bodies are 100% unique. Our unfortunate tendency to store fat solely rests on specific hormones in our body. Different functions of these hormones, is what leads to a variety of shapes, and in some cases could be the reason for health problems pertaining to somebody’s weight. Believe it or not, but the shape and size of your booty can tell a lot about your state of health.

In today’s world, a large number of people are very conscious about how they look. Some people may be doing all they can to gain some fat to cover their bones whilst some may be on the opposite end of the scale and are fighting a huge battle to shed unwanted weight! Depending on the gender, determines where fat tends to build up. In women, they battle to keep stored fat at bay around their hips, breasts, thighs and buttocks, whereas in men, it is around their tummies. These areas are quite difficult to shed stored fat from, especially if it is in the form of cellulite.

The hormone in women responsible for the storage of body fat is estrogen which is secreted by the ovaries. It is this same hormone that affects the changes in our body nearing puberty.

Gluteofemoral fat is the name given to the fat stored in our behinds. Derived from the name “gluteal” which is the group of muscles that make up the butt. These muscles are made up of three separate muscles named, Gluteus Maximus, (responsible for giving the butt it’s shape), Gluteus Minimus and Gluteus Medius.

Although you may read plenty of articles and studies that are pro a fatty butt, we must aim to retain a healthy weight as obesity poses many health issues which can be tragic.

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Butts come in all shapes, let us have a look at the different shapes and the health pros and cons that come with each shape.

#1. Square

This shape lends to the idea that fat is stored in the area above the butt or collected evenly around the butt and lower back. People with this shape suffer with weak gluteal muscles and can store fat around their tummies. This can be avoided with a number of straight forward exercises.

#2. Round butt

This shaped butt is considered attractive and is an indication that the person sporting this booty is in good health. A little amount of fat is stored above and below it. Luckily, the latter is easy to get rid of.

#3. I <3 you.

A heart shaped butt is every womens dream. They taper towards the waist and are fuller at the bottom. One downfall with this shape is it may be an indication of fat storage around the middle which can result in health problems later on. If you sport this shape, exercise regularly to keep healthy.

#4. A “V” Inversion

A reduction in the hormone, estrogen, is an attribute to this shape. This is very common in mature women who are battling with low estrogen levels. A variety of Abs and Glute exercises can prevent the accumulation of fat at the top of the butt.

There is a belief that having a large rear end can be a huge benefit! Studies have found that a larger butt is a possible indication of good health, wisdom and provides resistance to medical complications due to obesity. High levels of Omega 3 are supposedly needed to hold the shape of a big butt, which in turn is an asset to the brain.

Low levels of cholesterol often come hand in hand with a women sporting a larger rear which in turn produces hormones to process sugars.

This by no means says it is healthy to be obese. Everybody should monitor their BMI on a regular basis, and those with an above normal reading must try their best to get down to a healthy weight. But, ladies, if you are not overweight and have a bigger rear end, it is your prerogative to strut your assets as much as you like.


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