She painted her wall blue, but not completely. The finished result? Fantastic!

Trends come and go like seasons, especially in the beauty and fashion industries. But the ombre look has been holding its own for some time now. For those who don’t already know, ombre is just a gradually fading tone. This trend has shown up in hair, on nails, on clothes, and on things for around the house. Now, here’s a way to bring ombre to your walls! Say so long to boring single-color walls.

You’ll need:

  • painting tape
  • white paint
  • paint in a color of your choice
  • paint roller
  • paint brush
  • place to mix colors

Here’s how to do it:

Before you begin, you’ll have to tape all corners and edges. It’s best to clean away any dust or dirt from the wall as well. Make sure to cover your light switches and outlets. Now you’re all set.


You’re going to work from light to dark. Paint the first part of your wall white. If your wall isn’t very big, it’s better to just use a brush instead of a roller. That way, the color transitions will be smoother.


Next, mix 10 parts white paint with 1 part colored paint. And again paint a small part of the wall, slightly overlapping the white portion. Next add another part colored paint…


…and paint the next section. Continue this way until you’ve reached the bottom of the wall where you can paint with 100% colored paint. It’s important that you always paint in the same direction, i.e. always horizontal, so that the color transition looks gradual. It’s also important to paint the lower layers while the upper ones are still wet, that way the tones blend in with each other on the wall.


And here’s the finished product. The transition from light to dark will look just as good on your wall if you manage to get the next layer on before the previous one has dried. That’s the only way to make sure they blend seamlessly.


Here’s a video of the process behind this beautiful teal ombre:

Here’s a different color:

Doesn’t matter what color, this technique looks great!

You can also go from dark to light…

…or mix complementary colors.

The gentle fading of this wall totally reminds me of a seascape – how relaxing. While it might be a little more work than painting your walls all one color, it’s worth it. This is a unique look that you can’t get any other way, and it’s a great way to incorporate a strong wall color without feeling overwhelmed.

source:  hefty

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