Storing Eggs In Your Fridge Door Can Be Dangerous To Your Health

We all, at one point of time or the other, or always, store eggs in the fridge door. After all, there is a special egg rack for just that purpose. Then there are people who believe that eggs should only be stored in a ‘cool and dry’ place like in a cupboard. For all lovers of different styles of eggs, this is a never-ending debate.

Now, who’s right? While some argue that keeping eggs in the fridge keeps them fresh for a longer time, some counter that point, saying, that their ancestors have stored them in a cupboard all their lives.

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While storing eggs in the fridge may not be a bad idea, according to food storage experts, you should never put them in the egg racks in fridge doors. Space Station’s Vlatka Lake states that the worst place to store eggs is in that plastic egg rack in the fridge.

As a reason, she says that putting eggs in the fridge door exposes them to continuous sudden temperature changes, as you open and close the fridge multiple times in a day, and that makes them rot more quickly than when we keep them at a consistent temperature.

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“When it comes to eggs, there is a huge debate on where they should be kept, with some saying in the fridge and others saying on the counter,” she said to The Sun. She adds, “Egg racks are susceptible to changes in temperature due to the fridge door opening and closing and can cause your eggs to go rotten more quickly.”

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Sara Benwell of Good Housekeeping seconds the opinion as she explained that eggs are safest when kept at a temperature that can be maintained. She also recommends keeping eggs in a box and storing them in the middle shelf of the fridge, where the temperature more or less remains the same, even if you open and close the door multiple times. The British Egg Information Service also suggests keeping eggs away from any raw meat, to avoid contamination.

It is said that eggs should be stored at an optimum temperature of 20°C. Also, eggs should be removed from the fridge and kept at room temperature 30 minutes before cooking, so that their shells don’t crack due to the sudden temperature change.

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