The 13-year-old girl runs downstairs screaming. What she has on her neck is agonizing.

Jackie Fedro is a happy mother. She lives together with her family in Chicago, Illinois, USA.

When her oldest daughter Gabbie was 13, Jackie filled one of her Christmas wishes: her own cell phone. Her daughter was overjoyed, but nobody knew what the phone would end up doing.

One day, when Jackie was on her own phone, she heard a scream that made her blood run cold. Her daughter Gabbie came running down the stairs crying with her hand held tight against her neck. What Jackie saw, absolutely shocked her.girl-3

Gabbie had severe burns around her neck. She had been using her telephone while it was plugged in to charge. When the charging cable touched her necklace, it transferred an electric shock and caused 2nd-degree burns.girl-4

Jackie posted the photos on Facebook to raise awareness of this danger because Gabbie is not the only person who this has happened to. Gabbie will carry these scars for life, but Jackie hopes that her warning can help protect others.girl-5

Please be careful! Even though smartphones have been integrated into everyday life for some time now, you still need to remain cautious around any electric appliance, particularly when they’re plugged in. Unfortunately, Gabbie learned this lesson in a very painful way, but perhaps others can learn from her mistake.

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