The 14-year-old buys this 1974 camper van in the summer. When she gets in months later, the inside looks unbelievable

When summer vacations come around, school-aged children often don’t know what to do with themselves. They have so much free time and no idea how to spend it! Well, this wasn’t the case for Ellie Yeater, a 14-year-old girl from West Virginia — she knew exactly what she was going to do. Ellie decided to spend the summer fulfilling her dream: transforming a camper into a beautiful place to hang out with her friends.

Ellie had managed to save $500 from birthday money and from doing chores. After searching the classified ads, she found a 1974 camper, which she bought for $200. Here you can see what it looked like before Ellie began working on it:

With the remaining $300, Ellie bought materials to carry out the renovation work of her new mobile home: paint, floor coverings, fabric and decorative objects. First she had to clean it thoroughly; her grandfather helped her with the carpentry and paint work. In addition, her father helped her out by buying the wood and rubber roof roll necessary for fixing up the camper.

Despite the hard work and effort needed to transform the camper, Ellie was determined to make it as pleasant and glamorous as she could. For her “glamper” as she refers to it, Ellie chose blue and pastel pink shades of color. In addition, she put up handmade drapes and installed brand new furniture.

In order to continue enjoying certain amenities, such as electricity and the internet, Ellie placed the vehicle near her home. This way, she still had access to electricity and WiFi from the family home.

Her grandmother gave her some objects to decorate the interior, which fitted in perfectly with the look and feel Ellie was going for. The interior turned out rather stylish and original in its appearance, don’t you think?

The exterior of the camper was given a beautiful coat of pastel blue. Doesn’t it look great!

Leading up to the camper, the young girl decided to construct a quaint, little path. “I love that the path isn’t straight, just like life,” Ellie said.

Of course the result was worth all the effort: it’s incredible to see what the camper finally looks like. But perhaps the most incredible part is the tenacity and skill of this young 14-year-old.

Now that’s one way to spend your summer vacations, kids! Take a leaf out of Ellie’s book and do something really constructive that you can be proud of. Great job Ellie — most admirable!

Source: Hefty Cleverly Shareably

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