The cows were circling a tiny little object. When the man saw what was struggling in the mud, he started running

When Ian Ellis from Boston, Massachusetts, was out bird watching in June, he walked past the same field occupied by a herd of cows as he always did. But this time something was different — the cows seemed to have arranged themselves in a rather peculiar way.

The 30 cows were huddled in a large circle surrounding a small object lying in the middle of the field. Ian took a closer look using his binoculars and saw what was helplessly struggling in the mud: a little baby seal.

After hurrying towards the herd as quickly as he could, Ian squeezed past the cows and lifted the seal pup out of the mud. As soon as he was sure that the baby seal’s parents weren’t nearby, he called the Natureland Seal Sanctuary on his cellphone.

The tiny pup was brought into the warmth, given veterinary treatment, and nursed back to health. Only five days old, the poor little animal was severely undernourished and had breathing problems; the pup will remain at the sanctuary until it’s strong enough to survive on its own. Once back to full strength, the foundling will be released back into the wild.

If the cows hadn’t formed a circle around the baby seal, Ian wouldn’t have been made aware of the suffering animal and rescue it.

It’s a good thing that the cows were curious about the little pup and acted so attentively to it. Nice work, cows!

Source: Hefty Mashable

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