The OIL That Kills up to 98 percent of Breast Cancer Cells in Just 72 Hours

Essential oils have become all the rage over the past few years. This is not surprising as they provide numerous health benefits, such as boosting mood, managing stress, fighting off infections, and relieving pain. Therapeutic grade essential oils are distilled from the flowers, leaves, or bark of a plant and provide both physical and psychological benefits. Hippocrates, the father of medicine, indicated thyme`s therapeutic uses in treating respiratory issues.

Thyme essential oil is an extremely potent antioxidant, supporting the digestive, nervous, immune, and respiratory system. It is loaded with thymol, one of the naturally occurring “biocides” which destroy detrimental organisms.

Given the fact that thyme is native to the Mediterranean, it is not surprising that it is a key ingredient in Mediterranean cuisine. It is believed that this could explain the fact that Greek women have less than half the occurrence of breast cancer than American women.

A team of researchers at Celal Bayar University in Turkey conducted a study to find out how Wild Thyme affects breast cancer activity.

The results of the study were published in the journal Nutrition and Cancer, indicating that Wild Thyme induced cell death in breast cancer cells.

It has been found that thyme essential oil kills 98 percent of human breast cancer in vitro after only 72 hours of treatment. This was at a concentration of 0.05 percent, while at 0.01 percent; thyme essential oil killed 40 percent of the cells. Other studies on thyme have shown that it works against ovarian and oral cancer.

Thyme and its essential oil have been widely used in Ayurvedic medicine for its strong anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and antioxidant properties. It can be prepared as a tea, used as a spice, or simply used as an addition to a healthy diet based on fruits, veggies, and whole foods.


-Help ease nervousness and anxiety
-Helps fight insomnia
-Help to eliminate bad breath and body odor
-Helps reduce symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome
-Helps regulate menstrual flow
-Helps to increase circulation and elevates low blood pressure
-Helps prevent cellulite


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