The woman was six months pregnant when her husband died. Three months later she saw something in the photo that moved her deeply.

Amanda Snyder was already pregnant when she said “Yes” to Jesse, the great love of her life. The couple from Pennsylvania had already picked out a name for their baby: Jameson. But Jesse would never get to meet his son. On May 27, he was felling trees on his family’s property. A falling tree hit another on the way down, dislodging a branch, and Jesse was killed instantly.

At this point, Amanda was six months pregnant. For the soon-to-be-mom, her world collapsed. But she tried to be strong for her unborn child. So that little Jameson would later have a memory of his father, in the ninth month of her pregnancy, Amanda decided to go ahead anyway with the pregnancy photoshoot she had planned with her husband — and to add him in digitally later.

Photographer Shanna Logan recalled the emotional shoot: “She talked about him the entire time we shot. How she felt he was still there with her. How she is so happy for this gift, baby Jameson and that she was going to be the best mom she could. (…) Let him know how loved he is.”

When Amanda saw the finished photos for the first time, her son was already born and she was overwhelmed by her emotions: “When I saw the pictures, I was at a loss for words. I was holding Jameson and I was looking at these pictures and I was just bawling. They were tears of joy and happiness, because he wasn’t there, but he was.”

In life, as in the pictures, the widow and new mom will keep her husband alive forever in her heart. And young Jameson will grow up in the knowledge that his father is watching over him.


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