They Are Using Piercings To Relieve Chronic Migraine Symptoms, and It Works!

While most people tend to get piercings solely for aesthetic purposes, this one inner ear piercing has an entirely different purpose. With some people suffering from chronic migraines, this piercing works as a more holistic method of relief rather than medication.

This chronic migraine cure is known as auricular acupuncture and it involves hitting a specific pressure point in the ear. This area is also a place where people will get piercings called a daith piercing, which hits the same pressure point that auricular acupuncture does.

While the daith piercing isn’t uncommon, outside of simply stylish purposes the piercing can actually relieve the painful symptoms of a migraine. With the piercing doubling as jewelry, it makes for a cure that is inexpensive and void of medicines.

Owner of the Tempest Artistic Studio in Hopewell Junction, New York, Dave Kurlander mentions, ‘I’ve had many people come to me looking for migraine relief. It’s a much cheaper alternative to medicine and even acupuncture, and many of their doctors recommend it to them.’

‘Essentially it’s the same concept as acupuncture,’ says Kurlander. ‘The piercing hits a pressure point which then relieves pressure in your head.’

Kurlander suggests that those getting this piercing for migraine relief should get it on the ear that corresponds with the side of your head where migraines feel most prominent.

While there hasn’t been much when it comes to science supporting this claim, many have come forward on social media to share their positive results with the piercing.


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