This Herb Instantly Destroys Your Desire For Nicotine: Natives Name It “LEAF OF SWEET HONEY”

Stevia (Stevia rebaudiana) is a bushy herbaceous plant of the daisy family.

It has its origin from South America where more than 1500 years is used as a natural and healthy sweetener.

Because of its sweet taste, South American natives have named “leaf of sweet honey”, and they used it to sweeten food and beverages and to treat wounds, diabetes and high blood pressure.

It is believed that this plant in the future will become a perfect substitute for refined sugar, and thus an indispensable part of the food industry.

The main factor why you can’t quit smoking is the nicotine – it is a highly addictive compound which makes the body crave cigarettes. The more you smoke, the more nicotine your body wants. When you avoid giving it what it needs, you will experience cigarette cravings and feel discomfort – a state known as nicotine withdrawal. The process takes quite a while, and the cravings will go on for several weeks. Luckily, there is a solution – all you need to quit smoking is start consuming stevia.

With good reason – Stevia leaf is 40 times sweeter than sugar and its extract even 300 times.

The benefits of Stevia:

Sweet herb Stevia rebaudiana

Sweet herb Stevia rebaudiana

Stevia – “forbidden plant”

For centuries, the cultivation of these plants was limited to the area of South and Central America.

Today, Stevia as a commercial plant is cultivated in Japan, China, Kenya, Vietnam, India, Argentina, Colombia, Thailand, Paraguay and Brazil.

Until a few years ago in the Western world Stevia was very rarely used.

For many years, despite the positive results of many studies, the use of stevia and its most important ingredient, stevioside was still strictly forbidden.

It was not until 2008, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) declared this glycoside safe for use, and in 2011, the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) approves the label sweeteners.

So after many years it is found on the list of permitted food additives in many countries.

Even though, the isolated components of stevia (glycoside and rebaudioside) are approved, the use of leaves and crude extract of this plant is not yet permitted.

In contrast, in the eastern countries like Japan, stevia is already used. More than 30 years without fear is used to sweeten a whole range of food products.

Back in 1970, it is legally approved as a sweetener, and today occupies 40% market share in Japan.

Stevia has no calories, and fully satisfies the cravings for sweets.

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