This Incredible Fruit Removes Body Odor 2x Times Better Than Toxic Deodorants!

Studies connecting antiperspirants and deodorants to breast cancer and Alzheimer’s have been inconclusive, though receive a breast cancer diagnosis at most major medical centers and you will be immediately told to stop using conventional antiperspirants and deodorants.

Studies connecting antiperspirants to liver disease establish a clearer connection. Parabens from antiperspirant and deodorant formulas are found in breast cancer tumors, but because these diseases are complex, it is nearly impossible to draw definitive conclusions about causality.

That said, plugging sweat glands and depositing elements like fragrance, aluminum, and powerful synthetic antibacterial agents right where so many of the body’s lymph glands, critical to the body’s immune system, seems foolhardy to many.

“I don’t want to use anything with aluminum because it mimics estrogen and I’m already estrogen dominant,” says Jena Covello, founder of Agent Nateur. “Western medicine is hesitant to say that aluminum causes breast cancer, but this toxic heavy metal is found in breast cancer tumors.”

The Natural Solution

Not only is lime completely safe for use and does not have any side effects but also is considered as more effective compared to those artificial products!  It has the ability to stop the odor from appearing instead of just masking it like deodorant does.

How to use it

Take a freshly-ripened lime and cut it in half. Take one piece and rub it into your armpit. Repeat the same procedure on the other side. Then, let your armpits dry before you put on a shirt (this will also give time to the citric acid to work).

And that is it! This will keep you good for a few hours!

Keep the lime slices in a marked container.

Why it works

Actually, sweat itself doesn’t have that bad of a smell. The smell is caused by fungi and bacteria which manage not to be killed by the dermcidin. The bacteria continue to thrive and multiply in your armpits.

See the video below and find out more! Vegan Tiandra will explain how to use lime as a deodorant!

source: bare natural health


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