This Is What Happen When You Put Cut Up Onion Inside Your Ear

As you may already be aware, onions are useful as much more than a cooking ingredient. In fact they are real all-around talents and have awesome health-boosting and antibiotic properties.

Here are eight examples of what onions can achieve when it comes to your health and well-being. These are worth their weight in gold in a pinch.

1. For a cold

First, a classic: because of its effectiveness, this one is a must-try. Next time you have a cold or the flu, boil some water, throw some onions in, and let them simmer. This onion tea tastes admittedly not so delicious but it helps in less than two hours. It relieves pain and acts as an expectorant (i.e. to loosen phlegm). If you need a bigger dose you can simply eat raw onions. But try some onion tea, it also helps to free your airways too.

2. For ear aches

If you’ve ever had an earache, you know how excruciating it is. The pain penetrates deep into your head and nothing seems to help. But sticking a piece of onion in your ear will quickly help the pain fade away. Onions have anti-inflammatory properties.

3. Eye problems

Whenever you get something in your eye, you want it out as quickly as possible. So you start rubbing at it. That’s WRONG. Because that way you are just pulling your retina into a fight it was never cut out for. Much better: cut up an onion. The tears that it will cause will flush out any foreign objects immediately.

4. For cuts or lacerations

Whenever you cut yourself in the kitchen, an onion can be your best friend. If you hold it on the cut, it doesn’t just stop the bleeding, but it also disinfects it while preventing inflammation. Another pleasant side effect: the healing process will be much quicker.

5. For scars

Many people have scars. Whether from an accident or a c-section, a scar will accompany you for the rest of your life. But when you mash up an onion and then press it through a sieve, you can use the juice to help get rid of the discolorations. Pour some on a cloth and apply it on the wound. Repeat twice a day and after three days they’ll all be gone!

6. For infections

When you have a skin infection, boil some milk and mix a slice of bread and a fresh onion together into a nice paste. Clean the infected spot and apply some of the paste. Now wait two hours until it’s dry. Then remove and clean thoroughly. The infection will soon be gone.

7. For sunburns

When you get a sunburn, most of the upper layers of skin are destroyed and your epidermis reacts by turning red. Place a slice of onion onto the affected spot. Then put some egg white on the spot and it will protect it and infuse with nutrients. The healing process will begin immediately and will be noticeable within three hours.

8. For bug bites

Wasp and bee stings can be particularly unpleasant and give you a painful rash. After being stung, wash the site of the sting immediately with cold water and put an onion on the spot. The onion’s vapors will pull the poison out of your skin and the swelling will ease. It helps within minutes. I can’t imagine bee stings without it now.

Fantastic. Onions are so cheap and are helpful in so many ways. Best of all is that these treatments are 100% natural, which means no need for chemicals that can harm your skin.

Share these tricks to help people get better faster! And all that just through the power of nature!


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