This Is What The Lines Of Your Face Says About You

The lines on your face say a lot about your personality and your health. Read on to find out what your facial lines say about you.

Your face reveals a lot about the kind of person you are and also the state of your health. The lines and wrinkles on your face are not merely indicators of your age but also reveal a lot about your inner-body functioning. Facial mapping has revealed quite a few connections between the lines that develop on our faces and what they mean to us. Here, we discuss 10 of the most prominent lines which appear on our faces and what they say about us.

#1 Horizontal Forehead Lines

Usually called the ‘worry lines’, these lines are a direct indicator of the stress you are under. People working under stressful conditions or jobs which require a lot of mental activity, end up with these lines due to regular contraction and expansion of the forehead in attempts to concentrate. They also indicate the health of your stomach. They tend to develop if your body is receiving less amount of water than necessary and if you have extra sugar or fat in your diet. You may look to change your diet if these lines become visible.

People with forehead lines are also on the intellectual side since they spend a lot of time thinking, analyzing and pondering. Not necessarily academic, but the people with these lines are usually wiser and calm in their approach as they tend to think before they act. Apart from the stress, these lines indicate a thoughtful personality and the one which reasons.

#2 Right Eyebrow Line

A slant vertical line between your eyebrows on the right side is associated with the health of your liver. It is an indicator that your internal organs may be on the weaker side. It may be due to excess alcohol consumption or your stressful lifestyle but the emergence of the line on your forehead is a cause for concern. Cutting back on coffee, spicy food, and salt, for example, would help restore your liver health and help with your health in general.

#3 Left Eyebrow Line

Like the line near your right eyebrow, the one on the left is associated with the health of your spleen. A prominent line on the left side, in between your eyebrows, means weakness in the spleen. The spleen is stimulated by excess sugar in your body. Reducing your sugar consumption, eating dried fruits and finding more natural replacements of sugar would be ideal for you to gain your health back.

#4 Nose Bridge Line

A wrinkle across the bridge of the nose is somewhat rare and does not happen with everyone. This line, however, reveals that you may be susceptible to seasonal and non-seasonal allergies. Further, it is also associated with your libido. A prominent nose line may indicate a lower sex drive. You may need to consult a doctor or try spicing up your sex life for they indicate that your needs aren’t being met. Pay attention to this line as it has direct implications for your love life as well.

#5 Crow’s Feet

Short lines radiating out of the corners of your eyes are also known as crow’s feet as they appear like so. The first impression that it imparts is that the person laugh’s with one’s complete face, which is an incredible quality to have but it also indicates that your eyes may be under a lot of strain too. It may appear due to constant squinting or due to the presence of stress on your facial features, as well. Further, these lines are also indicative of poor stomach, kidney and liver health. On the appearance of these lines, you may look to adjust your diet and exercise regimen to account for the growing weakness.

#6 Under Eye Circles or Bags

Sleep deprivation is a direct cause of under eye circles and as you go through more and more sleepless nights, these bags become more and more prominent. Apart from stress and low sleep, these bags are also indicators of the health of your circulatory system. It means that there may be some concerns with the blood flow in your body. You could try out Yoga for naturally boosting your circulatory system and you could also seek medical advice but do not avoid the signs.

#7 Tender Areas on Cheeks

Tenderness on the face is usually a sign of poor digestive health. It might reflect poor diet or exercise habits but the connection between tenderness on the face and stomach problems is quite strong. Redness, discoloration, patches on the cheeks also mean that you may have lung issues unknown to you. Practicing breathing exercises, better exercise regimens and a change in your diet may help solve the emerging problem.


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